Lets walk togather for a faster, secure and better world with Quantum Technology

Quantum Technology Summit 2020, to be held in Beijing, China during November 18-19, 2020. The conference program focuses on “Innovating the aspiring minds along with Quantum Technology”. Quantumtech 2020 provides a great platform to grow your connections by gathering eminent people like professors, Researchers, scientists, industrialists, Students and delegates to exchange new ideas and knowledge.  This conference is mainly focusing on a wide range of topics and allows participants to discuss the crucial issues in the Advanced Quantum sector. We encourage broad participation from all over the world, Conference Series Ltd main motive is to spread the knowledge and exchange ideas to build a smart and Quantum innovative future.

Major Scientific sessions:

Quantum Technology | Quantum Physics | Spintronics | Light interface | Black Hole | Qbits | Quantum Imaging | Cold Emission | Quantum Space-time | Teleportation | Quantum well | Quantum Conductivity | String Theory | Theory of Relativity | Quantum Gravity | Bose-Einstein statistics | Paradox | Schrodinger’s equation | Quantum Supremacy | Computing | Quantum cryptography

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PR Link: https://quantumtech.conferenceseries.com/blog/lets-walk-togather-for-a-faster-secure-and-better-world-with-quantum-technology

Major advantages/challenges of venue, subject:


  • A Robust Economy.
  • Excellent and well- Trained Professionals.
  • The well-trained and productive workforce in this arena
  • Well-developed capital markets and the financial systems.
  • Strategic geographical location.


  • Quantum tech exploration issues
  • Lack of trained manpower for the research work
  • Predicting and responding the future challenges