Exploring the Visions and Updates of Patient Safety

Awards Announcement

We invite all the participants throughout the world to join us for the upcoming “3rd World Congress on Patient Safety, Health Care and Well-being” conference in Shanghai, China during October 21-22, 2020 under the theme: “Exploring the Vision & Updates of Patient Safety”. The conference welcomes everyone from all over the globe to visit and share their bits of knowledge and convey recent updates.

Expert Level (Scientific Service Achievement Award):

The Expert Level eligibility criteria for getting this honor is that one must have the least of 20+ years of experience in the relative field in the public or private sector. The collector of this award should have a dedicated compulsion and should take initiative in exploring the recent trends and advancements towards the related subjects.        

Professional Level (The Research Contribution Award):

The award for academic or professional research activity obtained in the patient safety and healthcare field in the public or private sector for specialists having research knowledge at 10+ years in the field of any type of health care and patient safety with most significant achievements. It is determined Starting from the date when you acquired the (first) degree qualifying you for set out on a doctorate (In the nation where the researcher is enlisted or nation in which the degree was gotten), even if a doctorate was never begun or conceived.

Scholar Level (The Upcoming Researcher Award):

The conference offers Scholar Level Award for the upcoming researchers and experts having 10+ years research experience in the field of medical, hospitals and any type of health researches. Presentation time includes 25-30 minutes of oral talk on the scientific research topics depending on the theme of the conference along with 5 minutes of panel discussions. You can nominate a deserving individual for an award through online.

Woman Scientist (The Woman of Science Award):

Our conference gives a unique platform for Women Scientists and researchers for giving the most recent research projects with an in-depth analysis. We cordially welcome women scholars and researchers from Universities/Industries to who have 10+ to who have 10+ years of research experience to join the forum. We are glad to empower our women researcher's participants through research awards to give assistance for women scholars in career development and research guidance through our coordinated efforts. Women scientists can assign meriting the award through online.

Outstanding Speaker Award:

This Outstanding Speaker Award will perceive the person who will exhibit their projects and strategies. You can select meriting individuals for an award through on the web.

Best Keynote Speaker Award:

This award perceives the Best Keynote Speaker who has eminence documented displaying their activities, methodologies, and plans that have been actualized to improve long-term excellence in healthcare and patient safety industries. If you were confirmed as a keynote presenter from the program manager, you can nominate yourself as a deserving of the award through online.

Best Poster Presentation Award:

The Poster Competition is organized at the conference to encourage students and recent graduates to present their projects. All accepted abstracts will be presented at the poster sessions during the conference. The congress aim is at setting a stage for all the young researchers & scientists to present their real-time work and share their perspectives and viewpoints related to the conference.  You can nominate someone deserving of the award through online.

Outstanding Master’s/Ph.D./Post doctorate Thesis Work:

This award perceives for Master's/Ph.D./Post doctorate thesis work presentation who will present their projects, research works and thesis that have been actualized to improve long-term excellence in the field of patient Safety and any type of health researches.

Take the opportunity to encourage the meriting candidates you know, designate them through the online stage at "patient safety and healthcare Awards" and we will respect them for their work, research contributions and achievements.


Marina Mills | Program Coordinator
Patient Safety Congress 2020
WhatsApp@+44-169 752 8011
E: patientsafety@europemeet.com