Transforming Wellness in Science, Technology and Health Care Settings

Transforming Wellness in Science, Technology and Health Care Settings

3rd World Congress on Patient Safety, Health Care and Well-being is scheduled on October 21-22, 2020 at Shanghai, China. This conference aims is to provide you in “Exploring the Vision and Updates of Patient Safety” discipline in the health care professions that applies safety science methods toward the goal of accomplishing a dependable arrangement of health care conveyance.

Patient Safety Congress 2020 brings together individuals who have eminence in different fields of nursing like Psychiatric, Mental Health, Cancer & Tumour Nursing, Women’s health, Pediatrics & Geriatrics, Gynaecology, Obstetrics and many more. Major attractions of this event would revolve around Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Best Poster presentations, and YRF.

Benefits of Attending this Conference:

  • Accepted Abstracts will be published in the respective journals and will be labelled with a Digital Object Identification Number (DOI) provided by Cross Ref (Free abstract publishing).
  • Speaker and Abstract pages created in Google on your name would get worldwide acknowledgment to your profile and Research.
  • The Career Guidance Workshops to the Graduates, Doctorates and Post-Doctoral Fellows, Certificate Accreditation from the Organizing Committee of presentation/ participation.
  • Best Poster and Young Researcher Award. Symposium by Experts Team. The best platform to develop new partnership & collaborations. Network development with both Academia and Business.

Primary Healthcare is the basic first care that relies upon deductively well-done and all-around agreeable strategies and advancement, which impact prosperity to mind easy to get the chance to people and families in a system. "Driven by people fortifying and developing, the total number of office visits to fundamental consideration medicos is foreseen to increment from 462 million of each 2008 to 565 million" out of 2025.

Conference Subject Advantages:   This conference aims to promote healthy living habits through education and encourage facts and ideas to improve patient safety and health care. This platform is for exchanging ideas and keeps on updating about the latest innovations in Patient Safety and health care.

Patient safety is a worldwide public health issue, but the issues around patient safety vary contingent upon the setting, neighborhood culture, and accessible assets. All through the 21st century, the job of medical caretaker has developed significantly. Medical caretakers work in an assortment of settings, including the hospital, the classroom, the network wellbeing division, the business sector, home health care, and the research Center. Although every role carries various responsibilities, the essential objective of an expert attendant remains the same: to be the customer's backer and give ideal consideration based on proof acquired through research. Although the competencies needed to conduct research will be the same all over the world, some of the elements in this training guide will have to be tailored to the local situation and priorities.

Major challenges:

  • Visa Issues
  • Climate Conditions
  • Financial Constraints
  • Travel Issues

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