25th World Congress on Food Science & Technology

Principles and practices of sustainable agriculture in the field of Food Science and Technology

Conference Series Ltd. extends a genial welcome to any or all the Scientists, Researchers, analysis fellows, company personnel, Students, Professors and members across the world to share their innovative ideas within the field of Food Science for the planet Conference on Food Science and Technology. This exhilarating and constructive conference program includes comprehensive lectures, Oral talks, Poster displays, Video displays, and Exhibitions, symposia and workshops on a range of topics and numerous programs for participants from completely different countries around the world.

Food Science associated Technology is an acclaimed subject area that concerned chemistry, organic chemistry, nutrition, and engineering to administer one in every of the knowledge base to resolve the $64000 issues related to the various facts of the food system. Food Science Congress is meant to produce a platform for Food human, biologist, Food safety officers, Nutritionists, Dieticians, internal control officers, Quality assurance officers, Scientists, Researchers, Biotechnologists, Industrialists, Food Engineers, and Food skilled from producing, Retail, and Food industry. The most aim of the conferences is to produce a chance for the attendees to fulfill, move and exchange new ideas for Investigation and Improvement within the field of Food and nutritionary Science.

This conference provides a platform to globalize the analysis by putting in a dialogue between industries and educational organizations and data transfer from the analysis level to the economic level. In keeping with the market research report, it's been calculable that the world food technical school market is anticipated to grow over $250.43 in all probability. Numerous factors have an effect on the Food Science market size that involves majorly 3 segments of the world food technical school market, together with a market breakdown by the service sort, technology sort, and completely different geographical areas.

Our conference venue includes a mixture of destinations from across Europe, Asia, and America. These embody a number of attractive cities like Japan, Rome, Paris, Athens, Madrid, Berlin, Toronto, Vancouver, Osaka, Singapore, Chicago and lots of additional. The conferences specialize in topics like Food Safety, Food Engineering, Food Nanostructure, Food property, Food Risk Assessment, Food pharmacology, etc.

Conference Series Ltd., the hosting organization for Food Science conferences consists of analysis icons, business specialists and famed thinkers organizes around 3000+ world Events with over 600+ Conferences, 1200+ Symposiums and 1200+ Workshops in USA, Europe & Asia with 30+ Million guests supported by quite 1500 scientific societies and publishes 700+ Open access journals that contains over 30000 eminent personalities, putative scientists as editorial board members. Its 30000+ novel guests per conference and nearly 60000+ page views for every single conference. It’s a novel probability for those that are savior towards their space of analysis interest. 


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