7th Global Meet on Wireless, Aerospace & Satellite Communications

Resourcing the future of Aerospace and satellite communications

The Panel of EuroSatcomm is conducting “EUROSATCOMM 2020” during February 10-11, 2020 in Paris, France. The conference will be dealing with Developments and advances in the fields d of Wireless, Aerospace & Satellite Communications with symposiums, Panel and lectures from market leaders and Innovators.

Team EuroSatcomm has been very successful in Organizing Eurosatcomm2019 conference, with speakers and innovators from around the World to discuss the advances and Ideas of their research in the field of Aerospace.

Target Audience:
Aerospace Engineers
Space agencies
Spacecraft, Satellite, launch vehicle manufacturers/ operators
Wireless and Telecommunication engineers
Missile, Rocket manufacturers
Electrical Engineers
Space Agencies
Government representatives and Policy makers
Telecommunication Engineers
Aircraft Manufacturers
Electronics Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Electronics & Electrical Engineers
Electrical and Computer Science Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Instrumentation Engineer
Electronics and Applied Instrumentation Engineer

Aerospace Conferences merge in unique international, large and medium research and development Organizations, leading universities and Space research institutions. Thus we put forth a perfect Arena to share expertise, foster collaborations across industry and academics and evaluate emerging innovations around the world. This conference helps us in exchange ideas and a balanced perspective on how these may influence guidelines and management, Space and Aerospace Communication Enthusiasts and researchers from around the World.
The two days conference will be hosting significant sessions like Keynote forum, speaker, Poster Presentations, Workshops, symposium & awards for the Best Poster Presentation & YRF.

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We hope to see you in Paris, France


Ambika Endreddy

Euro SatComm 2020

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